Permanent Makeup Benefits

The Metamorphosis by Kathy Baba offers a wide array of Permanent Makeup Benefits. It is the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Suffer from allergies related to cosmetics
  • Have vision problems that affect makeup application. (LASIK patients with their improved distance vision sometimes experience difficulty with their close-up vision when applying makeup.)
  • Dissatisfied with the shape of their lip line or eyebrows
  • Lead an activity or athletic lifestyle
  • Need to save time in daily routine
  • Are tired of applying and reapplying makeup throughout the day
  • Have a complete or partial loss of eyebrows caused from alopecia, hypothyroidism or chemotherapy treatments or other condition

Metamorphosis by Kathy Baba gives you the look you’d like around the clock, whether it be an enhancement of your eyes, lips or eyebrows or eyeliner and unlike other cosmetic procedures that require surgery. We offers you naturally looking with fast recovery so you can put your fresh face forward fast.

We provide many permanent makeup benefits:

  • Contour and feather natural looking eyebrows
  • Define your lip line and add fullness and color to your lips
  • Provide lip color that complements your skin and hair tones
  • Enjoy around the clock beauty look sensational without having to apply or reapply makeup throughout the day
  • Say goodbye to smudging, fading, streaking and flaking of makeup
  • Save time no need spending your valuable time applying makeup
  • Increase your confidence wake up looking beautiful every morning!
  • Accentuate your facial features to add drama to your eyes with a smudge free, waterproof eyeliner