Aftercare instructions for lips permanent makeup

Lip Aftercare

  • Make sure you take a pain reliever before the numbing wears off. 
  • Ice for 5-10 minutes using the ice pack provided. Make sure you use a damp cotton pad as a barrier to protect the lips.
  • Run the cotton pad under warm water and use as a compress, gently wipe.
  • Follow by applying Aquaphor sparingly.
  • Every few hours repeat the process. 
  • Do this for 24hrs, longer if needed.
  • Take papaya/pineapple enzymes for swelling.
  • Throughout the week use warm cotton pad and lightly rub off the dried Aquaphor.  Then reapply sparingly, always keep it moist.
  • On the 5th day use the Healquick, discontinue Aquaphor.  Do not use it before. It will pull the color out.


What to Expect

Day 1: The color will be bright for 4 days and slightly swollen.

Day 3: Your lips will start the healing process and be extremely chapped.  Make sure you use the warm compress and lightly wipe. It will keep the dead skin exfoliated.

Day 5: The color will almost disappear and you will wonder what happened. Don't worry, the color will slowly appear throughout the month to half the original color.

Day 7-10: They should stop exfoliating or be close to it.  Your lips might still feel sensitive, it's still healing underneath.



  • By exfoliating with the warm compress regularly it will help the dead skin turn over quicker.
  • It will delay the healing if you reapply on top of the dried petroleum/Aquaphor.  The skin needs to breathe to heal.
  • You need to have the procedure done 2x to get the best longest lasting results. It's like applying one coat of nail polish as opposed to two.  Your follow up CAN NOT be before 3 months.
  • Be patient.   Remember....IT'S A PROCESS


Please call me if you have any questions or concerns at (760) 271-1393.