Aftercare instructions for Areola Pigmentation

Aftercare instructions for Areola Pigmentation: You may experience slight discomfort after areola tattooing, rather like a “rug burn”.  If you have little or no feeling in your reconstructed breast you will have very little tenderness.

The area will begin to feel dry and tight as it heals and exfoliates.  It is important to keep the crusted tattoo moist and covered for at least 7 days after your procedure to protect it and to keep the pigment and body fluids from oozing onto your clothes.

Wear loose clothing if you are sensitive.  Sports bras or a regular bra will help hold the bandages in place.  Use 3x4 nonstick pads and paper tape over the tattoo to minimize sensitivity.  Wash the area gently with an antibacterial soap.  Do not use abrasive clothes, let water run over it in the shower to rinse.

Apply a thin coat of Aquaphor healing lotion to pad and apply to the tattooed area.  Change bandages at least in the morning and evening for 24-48hrs.  Once there is no bleeding or discharge from the tattoo you can leave it uncovered for a few hours in the evening.  Do not sleep on your stomach to protect the area.

Over the first 2 weeks you will have a flaking of the tattoo, this is normal; just keep it moist using a thin coat of Aquaphor.  You may experience slight itching as it heals but try not to scratch as this can reopen the wound and cause infection.

Do not swim, sunbathe, or be in the ocean for 2-3 weeks or until completely healed.

Your areolas will appear darker immediately after the procedure but will lighten as they heal.  If you have any redness around the tattoo area after 48 hrs. Call me, as you may need to use an antibiotic cream.